Mine Blocks

Mine blocks is a game that makes your mood. It is one of the best Minecraft style game, which offers two kind of play mode: survival and creative. In survival mode you play for survival. The goal is to stay alive as long as you can, move forward, gain points, and make sure that you keep your health bar balanced, and it won’t drops down to zero. Health bar is decreased by various factors, like jumping from the height, cactus, cows, dogs, zombies and many other creatures that are targeted to be on your way. One more detail is that Mine blocks lets you to design your own geographical area and set it as you like, it is totally up to your taste. Main character is able to demolish walls, destroy floors, disappear trees, murder evil beings and many other abilities. By changing geographical area, you have chance to collect different items that will help you to overcome obstacles. For instance, when you want to move higher but there is no ladder, you take one of the previous collected items, like bricks and build a staircase. To use items click shift+left. The second – Creative mode is different, the goal is not survival. It is all about setting your own geographical area. The idea is that you are an immortal, which means that there is no health bar case needed.

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